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Apache Solr Tutorial

  • Blazing fast open source search platform and analytics server.
  • NoSQL open source solution for building Search Engines.
  • Abilities to search structured as well as unstructured data.

If we have a web portal or ecommerce website with a huge volume of data, then we will most probably require a blazing fast search engine in our portal to extract relevant information from the huge pool of data.

Solr is a popular, open source solution for building Search Engines. Before talking about Solr, let's first understand how search works. Apache Solr is a great solution to implement a Search Engine. In this Solr tutorial, you will learn how to process and index documents, how to formulate and interpret a user query, how to retrieve and rank documents. It starts with a basic understanding of Solr, and gradually gets into building efficient, high performance enterprise search repository for search.

Solr Featured Query Examples

This free step by step Apache Solr Tutorial for beginners and advanced level, contains hundreds of Query examples. You will get started quickly by indexing example data and searching it with Solr sample / browse UI. This tutorial is oriented to Solr 7.5.0 and Solr 6, but the majority of content applies to Solr 5 and Solr 4 too. At the end of this tutorial most common interview questions are available.

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