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Introduction to Solr

  • Apache Solr is the blazing-fast popular enterprise search platform.

What is Solr?

  • - NoSQL search platform.
  • - It is an open source Search Server.
  • - Blazing-fast full-text search support.
  • - It is based on the Apache Lucene libraries for information retrieval.
  • - Able to search structured as well as unstructured data.
  • - Apache Solr is completely developed on Java stack of technologies.
  • - Apache Solr is a web application, and Apache Lucene is a library consumed by Apache Solr for performing search.

Solr Development

  • - Written in Java.
  • - Doug Cutting created Lucene in 1999.
  • - Yonik Seeley created Solr in 2004.
  • - Open-source project under Apache Software Foundation in Jan 2006.
  • - Apache Lucene and Solr projects merge in 2010

What is Solr used for?

  • - Full-featured enterprise search server.
  • - Designed for high-volume traffic.
  • - Scalability, flexibility and extensibility.
  • - Advanced full-text searching.
  • - Geospatial searching.
  • - Load-balanced querying.
  • Solr makes it easy to run a full-featured enterprise search server to develop sophisticated, high-performance search applications with advanced features. It's designed for high-volume traffic, scalable, flexible, extensible and advanced full-text searching. Database creates bottleneck for complex search queries. DBMS can be slow to run for features such as full-text, faceted, geospatial, suggestions, spell checking and more.